Full Length 40 Minute Interview with Rev.Juanita Adams. She shares her story of being fully restored after a life crisis.

Bishop Daniel Robertson, Jr. (BishopDRJ)
Co-Pastor Elena Robertson (Co_PastorEMR)

RESTORATION: Rev. Juanita Adams Full Length Interview

MGTV | 3 Comments


  • Deva Jasper

    So encouraging! I love this! And I love Reverend Adams for the impact she’s had on my life, as well as the life of so many others. Such a blessing.


    Reverend Adams: You will never know how much you just helped two lost women who are searching for our place in this world. My “daughter” and I listened to your message together and are both in tears. Thank you for sharing your story to allow others see your bruises so that we can also stop letting “pride shame us into silence.”
    Thank you!

  • David Gordon

    My wife divorced me for the same thing I feel so hopeless and how my shame ruined someone’s life .I am trying to recover from it now and walk whole. Earn my ex-wife respect not her trust I know that is gone the 22 years we were married I did not sleep with anyone and now I still have not.but the hurt and shame is still there your story is helping me thank you.

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